A versatile music player for iOS

Prism is a music app designed for people who prefer to keep their own music collection, but are dissatisfied with the inflexible nature of conventional music apps.

Rediscover your music

Using a handful of simple features, Prism lets you quickly access, refine and arrange your music to create interesting dynamic playlists.


Prism can access music already on your device or in your iCloud Music Library. Or you can add a free Plex account to stream your music from anywhere in the world.

What is Plex?

Plex is a media streaming application that runs on your computer, server or NAS device. Prism takes advantage of its music streaming capabilities, but Plex is capable of video streaming and more.

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Tip Music can be Downloaded from Plex libraries so you can listen later even without an internet connection.


Refine the songs you want to include in your playlist by adding one or more filters.

Filters are similar to iTunes Smart Playlists, re-imagined for a mobile interface.

The example shown selects loved songs tagged with Ambient, Electronic or Post Rock.

Select songs based on their tags
Select only loved songs
Select songs played at least once
Select songs by their release date
Select songs in an imported playlist
Tip All filters can be Inverted, reversing their effect.


Configure how you want to view your playlist.

Display an artist’s discography as a list of songs or albums; sort artists, albums or songs alphabetically or by popularity and more.

Tip The Shuffle option randomises your playlist by artist or album. When played, songs will be queued in the order in which they appear on the album or artist.


Once you’ve created your dynamic playlist, the only thing left to do is to play it.

Tap the universal Play button to queue songs using the filters and arrangement you’ve configured.

...And More

  • Choose between light, dark and black themes, or switch automatically
  • Configure default sort order for libraries, artists and albums
  • First class iPad support
  • Import playlists from iTunes and Plex libraries
  • CarPlay support
  • Audiobook supportComing Soon


Available to download for no charge on the App Store, with a one-time purchase to unlock additional features.